Yoga & Pilates

At Body & Soul, we recognize that increasing flexibility and core strength are goals that can require specialized training.



Yoga dates back more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, the desire for greater personal freedom, health, long life, and heightened self-understanding gave birth to yoga - a system of physical and mental exercise which has since spread throughout the world. Yoga is comprised of three primary modalities: exercise, breathing, and meditation. The specialized breathing and exercise techniques taught in yoga prepare the body and mind for meditation, which in turn allows silence and healing from everyday stress. Regular daily practice of the three yoga modalities produces a clear, bright mind and a strong, capable body.

For more information on how you can participate in yoga at Body & Soul, please call us at 604-224-2639.



Unlike Yoga, Pilates is primarily a physical conditioning program. It is a highly effective way to improve body awareness and posture and promotes graceful, fluid motion. Pilates is unique in that all movements originate from the commonly overlooked core muscles that lie deep in the abdomen and surround the spine. For those who are new to Pilates, the first few sessions will focus on isolating these muscles in order to engage them effectively. Pilates focuses on strengthening without the constant shortening of muscles that can often occur with weight-lifting. This results in the development of long, lean muscles without added bulk.

Body & Soul offers private and semi-private Pilates sessions with instructors Isabel Verse and Janine Trudeau. Small group sessions may also be available upon request.

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