Vancouver Physical Rehabilitation

Body & Soul offers special access programs for individuals needing physical rehabilitation as a result of recent injuries, health issues, or as a result of chronic health conditions.

Many of our trainers have specialized physical rehabilitation training. Collectively, they have worked with individuals affected by cancer, cardiac health issues, arthritis and chronic illnesses. Our trainers are accustomed to working with individuals with varied physical rehabilitation needs and have the ability to assess the unique requirements of each individual and develop a specialized program to improve their physical health.

We offer rehab clients a unique pricing structure that is designed to encourage them to engage in activities that will contribute to a better quality of life. Please check with your insurance / extended health provider for possible coverage options. We also work with government organizations such as ICBC and WCB. Body & Soul is a certified ICBC Health Service Provider for personal training. Please speak to us for more information.

If you would like more information about our rehab services, please contact us at 604-224-2639 or