Spice up your life!

Adding certain spices to your food will not only enhance their flavour but may also provide medicinal benefits! 

Whether you are looking to lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation, increase your memory, boost your metabolism or reduce your risk of certain health conditions (including cancer and heart disease) you should consider adding herbs and spices to your meals.

For instance, cayenne is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to help boost metabolism. 

Why you should book a consultation

Choosing a fitness studio can be a big commitment as a bad experience can deter you from pursuing your health and fitness goals.

It’s important to find a studio (and trainers) where you feel comfortable and motivated to work towards your goals. This is why we offer 30-minute consultations, allowing you to sit down, one-on-one, with one of our Personal Trainers to discuss your individual needs and goals, as well as ask questions.

Learn about our studio, meet our trainers and find out how we can help you on your road to optimal health: www.bodysoul.ca/services/pt/consultations.html.

Persevere and overcome obstacles

Following are three tips to help you persevere and overcome obstacles on your health and fitness journey:

1. Adopt positive self-talk. Self-deprecating talk is disturbingly common, particularly as people compare themselves to other people – a phenomenon more common now that we are all so widely “connected” through social media platforms. Taking the time to reassure yourself and convince yourself of your worth can make a huge difference in helping you achieve your goals.

2. Establish realistic goals. If your goals aren’t attainable – whether due to your lifestyle or because the goals themselves are unrealistic – what’s the point? You will ultimately become stuck, sad, or angry and may ultimately give up.

3. Make a plan. It’s great that you want to achieve certain goals but how and when will you achieve them? Without a detailed plan (what, how and by when), you can’t effectively measure and note progress made.

Body & Soul Assessments & Reassessments

As a Personal or Partner Training client at Body & Soul, you began your journey after completing a comprehensive assessment based on cardiovascular and musculoskeletal fitness, level of balance, strength, and flexibility, calculation of body composition and measure of blood pressure and heart rate.

Clients with an open Personal or Partner training package have a chance to see how far they’ve come by booking a complimentary reassessment. Your reassessment will show areas you have excelled in, as well as where you can still improve. In addition, you will receive a printed report showing your progress. You can then speak with your trainer to better understand your results, set new goals and receive a revised training program suited to your ‘new’ level of fitness.